Market Analysis

We measure markets and geo-demographic compositions to obtain superior qualitative and quantitative data according to the needs of each client. Our highly skilled team with numerous years of experience in real estate market research offer a unique knowledge with programs to help our clients and their organizations optimize their businesses.

Our service offerings include:

  • Feasibility Analysis We can help determine if a project under design or development is feasible taking in consideration the past, actual and projected future conditions of the market in order to choose the optimal course of action and achieve the best results.
  • Highest and Best Use We have specialized tools, knowledge and methodologies to determine the Highest and Best Use for a property. For Land we make a model taking into consideration the governmental zoning and the past, present and future market conditions while utilizing the most appropriate financial modelling for the proposed use. For existing buildings we use our specialized methodology and tools to determine if the use or mix of tenants is the optimal strategy according to location, prospective tenants, the consumers and the geo-demographic composition of the market, Our model successfully merges the market and financial conditions to provide recommendations that obtain the highest results and returns possible for the owners.
  • Market Projections We have an extensive historic data base of the market that allows us to prepare the appropriate modeling. This in turn helps to accurately project market conditions in order us to provide the correct recommendations for clients to take the correct decisions.
  • Retailers Newmark Grubb Global Market Analytics offers two unique programs designed to help retailers optimize their store network, regardless of size or location:
  • Supply, demand and trend reports We prepare quarterly, per semester and annual reports that include market overviews, trends and conditions of the Office, Industrial, Retail, Residential and Hospitality/Tourism sectors.
  • Competition analysis We provide deep Competitors Analysis for retailers and/or developments to obtain the strengths and weaknesses of their businesses, locations, clients, marketing, services, etc., in order to plan the best strategies.
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • In-Store We determine non-traditional alliance partners such as grocery stores and big-box retailers for securing smaller bank branches.